Billing Upgrades, Group Submitting and more...

The latest update brings improvements to the billing system, the ability to submit group daily activities and milestones with just one button and more!

Scroll down to learn about all the new and improved features!

Billing System Improvements

The billing system has been updated to make it more simple and easy to use as well as behind the scenes improvements.


Improvements Include:


Payer schedules are automatically created when enrolling a child in their first program.


The child billing dashboard has been simplified.


The process for enrolling a child in a new program has been adjusted to be more user friendly.


The Debit and Credit sections have been rolled into Charges and Payment.



One Button Group Submit

You can now submit group daily activity and milestone entries with one tap of a button.

Messaging Improvements

We've rebuilt the contact list in messaging to allow you to save and load groups of contacts as well as more advanced sorting options.

Bulk Activation Tool

Allows you to send the Kindertales activation email to many customers at once.


You can find this under Enrollment > Tools > Bulk Activation

Additional Feature Updates

Teacher Tablet Enhancements

(Found throughout the Teacher Tablet.)


  • General Fixes and performance improvements.

Desktop Enhancements

(Found throughout the Supervisor, Admin & Parent Desktop.)


  • General fixes and performance improvements.
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