Customize Features & New Parent App

The latest update includes the ability customize Kindertales, require digital signatures on check-in/out, an all-new Parent Mobile app and much more!

Scroll down to learn about all the new and improved features!

Enable and Disable Features

You now have the ability to customize Kindertales by enabling or disabling features. Depending on the feature it may alter how it works or remove it completely. Head to Settings > Features to learn more.

Changes to our Apps

Parents and Teachers now have separate apps! “Kindertales for Classrooms” is the new name of our existing app and is for care providers only. Parents can now use the all new “Kindertales for Parents” app for Android and iOS to experience Kindertales on the go.

Digital Signature Request on Check-In & Out

You can now require parents to provide a digital signature on the Classroom Tablet when you check their child in or out. Enable this feature by heading to Settings > Location.

Approve by Date

You can now specify a date that approval messages must be acknowledged by. The sent message statistics on approval messages will now tell you which customers did not submit a yes or no response after the approval date has passed.

New Restricted Supervisor Role

We’ve added a new user level called Restricted Supervisor. This role  has more limited access to settings and features for their location than the traditional Supervisor role.

Additional Feature Updates

Teacher Tablet Enhancements

(Found throughout the Teacher Tablet.)


  • General Fixes and performance improvements.

Desktop Enhancements

(Found throughout the Supervisor, Admin & Parent Desktop.)


  • General fixes and performance improvements.
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