Make sure you rooms are never empty with the powerful waitlist tool. Stay in touch with parents directly from the waitlist. With one click alert them that a space has become available in their desired programs.

Waitlist Highlights

  • Send emails to your customers from their waitlist entry.

  • Replies from your customers will be added to the thread under their waitlist entry so you can easily review your communication with them.

  • Private notes that only you can see can also be added to the conversation thread.

  • Flag waitlist entries with a star to mark them as important.

Click here for a user guide on email & messaging.


Click here for a user guide on uploading your logo.


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To provide caregivers with the tools needed to spend less time managing the facility and more time sharing their love and knowledge with the children they care for. At Kindertales we're dedicated to enhancing and enriching the early childhood experience.