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All-New Classroom App & More!

The latest updates includes an all-new Classroom app for teachers as well as new highly requested reporting updates.

Scroll down to learn about all the new and improved features!

All-New Classroom App

We’ve completely rebuilt our classroom app from the ground up for both iOS and Android. Learn more about all the great new features by clicking here.

New Reports

We've added some great new and highly requested reports to the desktop portal included: Incident, Accident and Illness report history, Allergy and Medical Issues, and Nap history. You can also now create entries in the staff history report for any missed staff check-ins.,

Create Reports from Desktop

Another highly requested feature is to create Incident, Accident, Illness and Visual concern reports from desktop. You can now do this from within each child's Forms & Reports section on desktop!

Additional Feature Updates

Mobile and Tablet Enhancements

(Found throughout the Classroom and Parent Apps)


  • General Fixes and performance improvements.

Desktop Enhancements

(Found throughout the Supervisor, Admin & Parent Desktop.)


  • General fixes and performance improvements.

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