A positive customer experience is crucial for a childcare business to sign up and retain families. Kindertales offers multiple tools for delivering incredible user experiences.

Email Marketing & Co-Branding

Messaging in Kindertales is the best solution for marketing to your current and future customers.


  • Robust contact list of your staff and customers.

  • Ability to send messages to any combination of individuals or groups of staff and customers.

  • A powerful MS Word style editor for composing your message.

  • An image library for storing images you frequently use in outgoing communications.

  • A variety of graphical templates to pick from and the ability to save any message you draft as a template for future use. You can also share your templates between locations.

  • Schedule a time for messages to go out.

  • Outgoing messages are branded with your logo.

  • Plus many more!

Waitlist Tracker

Make sure rooms are never empty and alert parents of open spaces with the powerful waitlist tool.


  • Send emails to your customers directly from their waitlist entry.

  • Replies from your customers will be added to the thread under their waitlist entry so you can easily review your communication with them.
  • Private notes that only you can see can also be added to the conversation thread.

  • Flag waitlist entries with a star to mark them as important.

Forecasting Tools

Kindertales includes the ability to forecast the number of children in any room at any point in the future.


  • See the totals for every day of the week for any room as far into the future as you want.

  • Choose to ignore or include absences and single day drop offs in the provided totals.
  • Details for the upcoming changes for each child are provided to let you know where they're going to or where they are coming from.

  • A detailed icon grid lets you know what kind of changes are happening on what day of the week.


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