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The Kindertales app and mobile site allow teachers to access their full suite of tools for managing their classroom. The app is available on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and the Amazon App store. You can also login via your tablet’s web browser on any device to access Kindertales.


*The teacher app and site experience is designed around tablet sized screens but can also be accessed via phone sized devices if necessary.


Dashboard with at a glance information.


In a child care environment there is more to attendance than just seeing if a child is in. Track and change the location of individual children or move them in groups to other areas of your location. Staff and parents can see exactly where children are located at any given time.


Check In & Out

Teacher Check-In & Tracking

Before & After School

Group Attendance & Sorting

Visual Concerns

Daily Activity

With daily activity reports you can quickly and easily create reports for children under your care across a variety of activities. Parents receive notifications as each report is completed to share in their child's day.


Group Reports

Report History

Profiles & Special Reports

No more searching for the incident reports when you only have accident or illness reports left. No running to the photocopier either. All 3 reports are on your tablet.


Accident, Illness & Injury Reports

Medication Wizard


Billy hopped on one foot? Awesome! Take a picture and add it to his milestones. No more cramming to finish children's reports twice or more a year.


Easy Browsing

Milestone Tracking

Photos, Notes & Attempt Tracking


Goodbye sticky notes and reminders stuck to cubbies. Review notifications from supervisors right on their tablets.


Stay Up to Date

Logs & Lists

Rid yourself of all the excess paper and binders. Your checklists, log books and maintenance tracking have now gone digital!



Maintenance Tracking

Kindertales for Classrooms App

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